Jhulelal Tirathdham, is THE holy place for all Sindhis. Tirath means a holy place. The word tiratha literlly means "river ford" and by extension, a sacred spot. Since the Sindhi community sacrificed its land for the freedom of India, and has no soil to call its own, this Tirath dham will serve as the one place for the community to perform all religious duties from birth to death and also a place to help preserve our culture.

Everyone knows that the Sindhi community has sacrificed almost everything, and then built itself up from the start. This unbelievable feat was only possible by a community that is genetically gifted. From intelligence to hard work, we have it all. Our successes have come at a cost. We have been scattered, culture / language / art diluted, etc. Several organizations all over have been trying to fight for various types of rights for Sindhis.

Several people, like one of our trustees (Dadi Pushpa D. Advani), has been fighting for Sindhi rights, language preservation and several such things for over 40 years! Political and consitutional change seems to have very bleak chances. Parallely, Dr. Subhadra Anand researched and wrote a book on "National Integration of Sindhis". The conclusion of her research is that, a holy place (Tirath Dham), has been instrumental in keeping together almost every other community in the world, and thats what the Sindhi community needs.

These two dynamic ladies are examples of how the Sindhi community ladies are not an inch behind the men, and how we value and respect our ladies. And since they have united forces, hopes of Jhulelal Tirathdham grew. However their goals need support.

One such support pillar, is Shri Dilipkumar Lakhiji, also Chairman of the trust. He has generously offered to donate one rupee for every rupee we raise! That means, if you donate one Lakh, he gives us one lakh; if you give us one crore, he gives us one crore! It does not get better than this!

It is time now, for all Sindhi's to come together and build a place, not for anyone else, but, - FOR ourselves. Remember, whatever you donate, you are actually donating double of that. Please reach us at info@JhulelalTirathdham.com or +91 99 3000 2023 with your contributions ASAP.

We Look Forward To Your Support!
Bank IndusInd Bank
Branch Bandra (West)
Account Name Shri Jhulelal Tirathdham Trust
Account Number 0003-265865-001
IFSC Code INDB 00 00 003
Each donor must send their Name, E-mail, Mobile and PAN Copy to info@jhulelaltirathdham.com

For further queries, please contact General Secretary of the trust, Shri Parikshit A. Advani, at +91 9930002023.
- Jai Jhulelal!