Emerging Reality

21st Mar, 2015 - The auspicious occasion of *Cheti Chand* saw a historic moment when a group of excited and elated Sindhis performed a simple BhoomiPoojan at the sacred land between the ancient Shiva temple at Koteshwar and the holy Narayan Sarovar, in Kutcch. At the stroke of 11 am while the world was busy going about their daily chores Lord Jhulelal laid claim to 33 acres of land in the area and declared it as His abode and His sacred land!

This momentous event laid the foundation of a prospective magnificent Jhulelal temple cum cultural complex which will symbolize Sindhi ethos and will be a nestling ground for the preservation of Sindhi identity. Their cultural and linguistic moorings will be nurtured here through a museum, art gallery, handicraft centre, auditorium, amphitheater etc.

Sindhis from all over the globe will congregate here and what Golden Temple is to the Sikhs, Jhulelal Tirathdham will be to the Sindhis. While Amritsar has a distinct Punjabi environment, Kutcch stands out as the only area in India where the majority speak one dialect or the other of Sindhi. In fact in our Census Reports, Sindhi and Kutchis have been bracketed into a common speaking language population.

This land in Kutch earmarked for Lord Jhulelal has a beautiful topography. It stands on the famous Kori Creek, a creek which flows into the Arabian Sea and brings the winds of Sindh into Kutch. (In fact, once upon a time, the Sindhu river used to end in the vicinity!). Close to the pristine white sand of the Rann of Kutch, this land boasts of a generous splash of pink color of the Flamingos who flock here in thousands and nest here during the winter months. The area also has an ancient Gurudwara where Nanak rested on his way to Mecca, the fort of Lakhpat from where Sindhis set out for trade in olden times, DhaulaVira, the ancient Harrapan Archaeological site, Wild Life Sanctuary etc. All this makes it an ideal tourist spot besides being a holy pilgrimage centre of Lord Shiva ( Koteshwar Temple ) and Lord Krishna ( Narayan Sarovar - also one of the five Sarovars mentioned in the Bhagwat) and now Lord Jhulelal !

The project is headed by stalwarts from the Sindhi Community like Shri. Dilip Lakhi who is the Chairman of the Trust. He is a known philanthropist who has contributed generously to the Somnath and Badrinath temples besides many others. Jhulelal Tirathdham is very close to his heart and he has already given a huge amount with a commitment of more. We have on board also Mr. Harish Fabiani (Spain), Dadi Pushpa D. Advani (India), Mr. Lakhmi Khilani (Sindhology, Adipur), Mr. Chandru Raheja, Mr. Ashvin Valiram (Malaysia), Mr. Jitu Virwani, Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani (India), Dr. Ram Buxani (Dubai), Mr. Lal Hardasani (Hongkong), Mr. Murli Odhrani (Dubai) and many others.

" The Lord Jhulelal Temple should have a great height so it can be seen from far off lands. This will symbolize the true spirit of Sindhis who are far sighted and always think big. They want to touch the sky! "
" Your dream is now my dream also! "
- Honourable Shri Narendra Modi.      

4th Feb, 2016 - This was the iconic day, when in the board meeting held at the Chairman's office, it was decided that we start the project with a small temple first. This would have a magnificient entrance, showcase future plans, have basic landscaping, and mark the begining of the over all project.

18th Nov, 2016 - Foundation stone of the small temple laid, by Shri Parikshit A. Advani.

21st Jan, 2017 - Construction of the small temple commences.

7th Apr, 2019 - Cheti Chand - Opening of the Initial Temple!

Future Construction Planned As:-

Phase 1
     Construction of a small temple with showcase of over all plans, landscaping, administrative room, security room - estimated at approximate Rs. 6 to 8 crores. Work completed recently. Temple inaugrated on 7th April 2019, Cheti Chand.

Phase 2
     Construction of Facilities like Auditorium, Museum, Cultural centre, Kitchens, Dharamsalas, additional landscaping etc - estimated at approximate Rs. 50 to 60 crores.

Phase 3
     Construction of an eleven story high Jhulelal Statue with landscaping, water bodies and a sitting Lotus - estimated at approximate Rs. 30 to 40 crores.

- Dr. Subhadra Anand.      
Managing Trustee.      

We Look Forward To Your Support!
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Branch Bandra (West)
Account Name Shri Jhulelal Tirathdham Trust
Account Number 100-000-279-403
IFSC Code INDB 00 00 003
Each donor must send their Name, E-mail, Mobile and PAN Copy to info@jhulelaltirathdham.com

For further queries, please contact General Secretary of the trust, Shri Parikshit A. Advani or Dr. Subhadra Anand.
- Jai Jhulelal!