Rationale Behind Starting Jhulelal Tirathdham

Sindhis were dispersed all over the world in the wake of the unfortunate partition of the country. Being a linguistic minority they have had to face challenges of survival of their language as the federal structure of India is based on linguistic states . In order to be accepted by the host state or country Sindhis being very practical business people readily adapted other languages which no doubt made them more acceptable in other host societies but  posed a serious danger to their primordial socio linguistic identity which faces near extinction.

Social Scientists all over the world have opined that scattered communities can survive under a banner of a common revered Symbol or Deity. Thus we have the magnificent Golden Temple for the Sikhs, Kaaba in Mecca for the Muslims, Jerusalem for the Jews, Udvada for the Parsees etc. Each and every person from these respective religions makes it a point to visit these places of pilgrimage where  their cultural moorings are nurtured and safeguarded. 

In their anxiety to be acceptable in their adopted host societies Sindhis have taken on the worship of regional deities like Ganapati, Durga, Guru Nanak etc besides other popular social orders like Radha Saomi, Brahma Kumaris, Baba Ramdev, etc  which in principle is excellent but does not have an exclusive ownership for the Sindhis. The Deity which is solely identified with  Sindhis  is Jhulelal.  

A pilgrimage centre in the name of Jhulelal which can be established in an area close to Sind, the land of the origin of the community where each and every Sindhi can visit to seek cultural identity is a solution to the danger of identity crises of Sindhis. This land must have a socio linguistic connect with Sind so that the winds of Sindhi ethos continuously blow in the region.

This Centre has to be in Kutch since -- a) Same Sindhi dialect is spoken in the region (In fact the Census Reports have clubbed Sindhis and Kutchis together ) b) Kutch has had historical ties with Sind since their Kori Creek falls into the Indus river from where Jhulelal rose C) Kutchi Sufi music and Kutchi embroidery and mirror  works  are akin to Sindhi  embroidery etc.

The quest to identify a suitable land for the revered Jhulelal Tirathdham led to just the right place at the tip of the Arabian Sea on the western most coastline of India. This land is 100 kms from Bhuj in Kutch and has many ancient places of Hindu and Sikh pilgrimages in the vicinity -- Ancient Koteshwar Temple  of Shiva, Holy Narayan Sarover Temple of Lord Krishna (one of the 5 Hindu Holy Lakes ), Lakhpat Gurudwara where Nanak rested on His way to Mecca,  a 500 year old Jhulelal temple etc.  

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